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Jan 3rd 2022

Introduction Your Host Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson is a published author and domestic violence survivor of over twenty years. She lives in the Midwest with her husband and two children as well as one of her grand children. In total Tina has six children and four grandchildren. She is a small business owner  and has a passion for small business. Tina serves on her local domestic violence organization board of directors and is a member of the same boards executive committee, task force committee and communications committee. She passionately speaks out against  domestic violence. Tina is a born again Christian and gives thanks to God for saving her life by putting the right people and place in line as she made the decision to leave her abuser.


Feb 7th 2022

Shine KC Introduction Trailer

Welcome to Shine KC!

Shine KC is studio host to two podcasts designed to shine a light on business and conviction. 


Feb 10th 2022

Brief Introduction of My Story

I was in an abusive situation for 10 years and quite frankly, I thought it was normal....

Shine KC Conviction

Episode 1



Red Flags/The Narissists

Shine KC Conviction

Episode 2



Loving a Domestic Violence Survivor 

Special guest on my podcast today! My husband joins me to talk candidly about loving a domestic violence survivor.

Shine KC Conviction

Episode 3


My Escape

I didn't have the freedom to just leave...