Family Court vs Criminal Court

Why is Family Court and Criminal Court not communicating when it comes to Domestic Violence?  #domesticviolencesurvivor

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Domestic Violence Education for Custody Evaluators

A. Problem: Domestic Violence is prevalent in every community.

B. Cause: Professional groups recommend different custody and visitation arrangements and their knowledge on the issue of domestic violence is extremely limited.

C. Solution: Judges cannot rely on their gut instincts about whether the victim or abuser is more credible.

Domestic Violence Education for Custody Evaluators

Imagine with me, finally getting up enough courage to leave your abuser. Then the next time you go to church your abuser is there in front of the entire church to ask forgiveness for what they put their family through. The abuser seemed so convincing to many people. Many, but not their victims....

Post Separation Abuse

Host Tina Johnson

Goodbye to Shame